A New Year! A New 2022 Focus (It is About Being Me)!

Happy new year (five days late), everyone! First, I hope you enjoyed your holidays in a colorful way. Secondly, hopefully, you also got to enjoy some much-deserved downtime. Our family had a fantastic long winter break and made many memories. Today is the first day back to school for our daughter, so it feels like a new year all over again for me! Therefore, for me, being that it is a quasi-new year today means the opportunity to start anew. This includes a fun, important 2022 focus I have been working on for a long time for me.

What is this fun, important focus?

A new focus? Huh?

Of course, we have all heard of new year resolutions and goals. Admittedly, I have never been successful at this start-of-the-year resolution or goal thing. Moreover, although my intentions are sincere, the self-inflicted pressure of one big resolution overwhelms me, and my anxiety skyrockets. Therefore, I find myself not choosing to proactively make myself more anxious than I already am!

Naturally, the idea of my 2022 focus started pushing its way to the forefront of my mind in an exciting way. Moreover, it took zero thought to what this focus is for me. It has been a focus of mine for some time. Each year, I get closer and closer to realizing how this focus overpowers everything else. It is what makes me happy and the person I have the opportunity to be for both my family and me.

However, it is not a cut-and-dry focus. It is a focus that will be ongoing. In fact, this focus will be the biggest part of me for the rest of my life.

My 2022 focus? Being me!

Being me!

Yep, that is right. It is finally time for me to be me! What does being me mean to me (it is beginning to sound like a tongue twister!)?

First, throughout my life, I have dealt with many ups and downs like everyone.

Additionally, I have experienced crippling depression and anxiety for long periods of time. Tack on many years of painful infertility, surgeries, medications, injections (so many injections), and the traumatic loss of our beautiful, son JJ in Heaven, and I lost much of myself emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The real me is colorful, happy, positive, fun-in-the-sun, a loud laugher, and always up for a new adventure; big or small. I am different and unique and love my family and friends. I love creativity, connecting with people, and sharing my love of all things fun and colorful! Things that make me happy are not always things that make other people happy, and that is A-OK.

The real me also gets overwhelmed, has off-days, requires sleep, and craves a regular connection with my family and friends.

Most importantly, my family is my everything. Our daughter is my sidekick, and she is my drive to be me. Watching her watch me the past seven-plus years has given me the overwhelming clarity to do everything in my power to be me.

Champion of women

Seiler Says

Creating Seiler Says has been a huge labor of love. Furthermore, this brand of mine I am creating is truly the professional career pivot that has helped transform me into being me! I am passionate about inspiring women with colorful, fun, affordable, style and fashion for every facet of their life. 

2022 will be a year of ups and downs, I’m sure. But, as long as I continue to be me, I can do it. Tell me, do you have a 2022 focus? Lastly, cheers to a new year!

Last-Minute Colorful Gifts For Your Holiday List

I am here to help you procrastinators (like me) with last-minute colorful gifts for your holiday list! Ready or not, Christmas is less than one week away. First, have you bought and wrapped all of your holiday gifts? My husband is the present wrapper in our family, but I get the honor of much of the shopping. Therefore, that is a win-win in my book!

First, what are your holiday plans? Are you celebrating Christmas with family? Are you having multiple Christmas holiday celebrations? Furthermore, are you hosting family and friends in your home? Our family will celebrate with both sides of our family in separate states. Best of all? We are not hosting in our home. Luckily, our parents are all hosting our families this Christmas season. We checked hosting off our list at Thanksgiving!

Without further adieu, here are a variety of great Amazon gift ideas that can be delivered to your doorstep by Christmas Eve with Amazon Prime!

Last-Minute Gifts That They’ll Love.

First up are last-minute Amazon Prime gifts that can cover virtually every person on your holiday shopping list. From the kitchen to fashion to colorfully going out and about, these gifts will have you covered!

Holiday Gifts Arriving Before Christmas For your list

She’ll love these colorful holiday gift ideas.

If I’m lucky enough to receive any of these holiday gifts from family this Christmas color me green and red with sparkly, colorful lights!

Last-minute colorful holiday gift ideas for her

Family fun for everyone with these holiday gift ideas.

Moving on to one of my favorite categories; family games! Honestly, games are my love language. Board games, card games, sharades, you name it. If it is a game, I will love it and proactively join in on the family game fun!

Last-minute holiday list game ideas for your list

Furthermore, these Amazon colorful gift ideas are all thoughtful, quality gifts that do not look last minute at all. Nobody will have a clue any of these presents are last-minute colorful gifts for your holiday list. Moreover, they will believe these holiday gifts were purchased weeks or months before Christmas. Your last-minute secret is safe with me! Amazon Prime is seriously the best shopping place for last-minute holiday gifts!

Most importantly, cheers to a meaningful and colorful holiday; however you choose to spend it!

Colorful Candles and Shiny Trees. Oh, my!

Colorful candles and shiny trees. Oh, my! First off, you do not need to go big to make a colorful, glistening impact in your home this holiday season. Next, please know that sometimes small accents make the biggest statements. This advice holds true for all home decor!

Besides decorating your Christmas tree, how do you decorate your home? Are you a traditionalist? Do you like a modern, bright holiday flair? Hint, there is no wrong answer! That is what makes it so personal and unique for every person and family.

Colorful candles that are lit.

To start, I love all-things candles, especially during the holiday, fall, and winter seasons. Additionally, a candle’s beautiful glow and ambiance provide a relaxing and celebratory vibe that can make any space or occasion a happy place to be.

However, there is one major thing I do not love about a candle’s flame. What is it? Well, it is the worry and anxiety I feel that I will forget to blow the candle’s flame out. Legit feeling for sure!

Thankfully, flameless candles have come to the rescue! As a result, what is not to enjoy about flameless, flickering candles? Furthermore, these technology-forward, flameless, bright, comforting candles provide everything people love about traditional candles with the safety of no actual fire! Moreover, many of these flameless candles are battery-operated. Additionally, some flameless candles can be operated via a remote. Therefore, you do not even have to get off your couch to enjoy many of these candles. True candle bliss!

Furthermore, Amazon has a huge variety of realistic, beautiful, flameless candles to choose from. Moreover, you can use these safe, colorful candles for the holidays and beyond! In fact, these candle options are so versatile you will find yourself enjoying many of them year-round.

Candle recommendations for you.

This holiday season, I have rounded up my top flameless candle recommendations from traditional to contemporary below for you.

Amazon Holiday Decor Ideas: Flameless Candles

Happy, Shiny Trees.

In addition to glowing, flameless, battery-operated candles, these decorative tabletop trees of all shapes, colors, and sizes will surely make you happy!

First, there is something super cool, special, and retro about old-school, traditional tabletop holiday tree decor. The best part is these fun, festive holiday decor accent pieces feel old with a fresh, modern twist!

Second, these trees are meant to be mixed and matched together. Additionally, they complement your other holiday home decor. Third, you can group these decorative trees together in a bunch or alone. Or you can pepper these happy trees throughout your other holiday decor. Smaller, holiday-decor trees are perfect fillers for any area of your home! I incorporate bottle brush trees into my regular decor often!

Choose from basic holiday tree decor to battery-operated tree decor. Without further adieu, these are my favorite holiday tabletop tree decor options from Amazon.

Amazon Holiday Decor Ideas: Colorful Trees

Colorful Wreaths. Oh, my!

Wreaths are a natural way to say happy holidays to everyone who drives by your home. Check out my ‘colorful wreath decor ideas for you’ blog post. You’ll get colorful, festive wreath options for both inside and outside of your home. Holiday wreaths are an amazing way to get a little out of your holiday decorating comfort zone. For instance, there are so many unique, fun, and different materials available these days! Finally, my blog post will provide you with a variety of different wreath price points.

Amazon Holiday Decor Ideas: Wreaths

Make your holidays colorful, festive, and easy.

Everything I’ve shared in this blog can be purchased through Amazon Prime. That means all of these fun and festive holiday decor products can be delivered to your front door quickly, easily, and seamlessly!

Tell me what colorful candles and shiny trees speak to you the most when decoring your home for the holidays. Personally, I am a fan of traditional holiday decor with a lot of pops of modern, bright colors!

Finally, can you believe Thanksgiving is this week? Does anyone else feel like many people are firm with when they believe is the best time to decorate their homes for the holidays? Regardless if you are “team decorate before Thanksgiving” or “team decorate after Thanksgiving”, it is officially time to shop!

Admittedly, I am “team decorate after Thanksgiving”. Currently, I am ordering some new holiday decor online from Amazon; including quite a few things linked above. It is exciting for me to layer on some new holiday decor items to complement our existing holiday decorations.

Lastly, happy holiday decor shopping. Do something for you. Colorful candles and shiny trees. Oh, my!

Colorful Holiday Wreath Decor Ideas For You

Do colorful holiday wreath decor ideas for you have you stumped and shaking your head? The green leaves have turned to beautiful colors including red, yellow, and orange. These gorgeous leaves are slowly floating to the ground here in Kansas City.

First, do you know what these falling leaves mean? These falling, colorful, leaves mean the time is here to begin creatively, flocking your home inside and outside with festive holiday decor galore!

Holidays are festive and fun!

Secondly, there is an abundance of festive, fun, colorful, and classy holiday decor available for you. These holiday accents are eagerly waiting to adorn your special home. Remember, it is finally time to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year!

Thirdly, when it comes to decorating your beloved home for the holiday season, there is not a rule book to tell you how to decorate. That is the beauty of it all! Clear lights, colorful lights, minimal decor, Griswold family to-the-max decor. It is truly up to you how you choose to decorate and to get into the spirit of the holidays. Remember, this is the time to let your holiday decor personality shine!

Furthermore, there are so many simple, inexpensive holiday accent decor that can make a big statement available on Amazon. The beauty of Amazon holiday finds is they arrive quickly and seamlessly to your front door. And Amazon Prime makes returns super easy!

Let us get this 2021 holiday decor party started with a variety of colorful holiday wreath decor ideas!

The one holiday decor statement you need.

The one outdoor statement piece of all statement pieces during the holiday season is the classic holiday door wreath. In addition, a festive holiday wreath is the simplest and easiest way to make a statement. Holiday wreaths also enable you to say happy holidays to every person who drives by or walks by your house!

Amazon Holiday Decor Ideas: Wreaths

Most importantly, your holiday decor can be colorful, and it can be fun for you to decorate! This multi-colored, battery-operated, LED ball wreath is all of that and more.

Tell me, are shiny, bright mardi gras colors not your holiday decor wreath vibe? That’s okay and perfectly understandable. There are so many holiday wreath style options for anyone and everyone. Moreover, Amazon provides a variety of holiday wreath product options for every budget.

This olive leaf wreath is unbelievably real-looking! Furthermore, olive leaves symbolize welcoming friends and loved ones into your home. Additionally, you can display this farmhouse-style wreath 365 days a year. Lastly for this beauty, this rustic, simplistic wreath can seamlessly be moved throughout almost every single room in your home throughout the year! Also, this wreath would make an extremely thoughtful homewarming or hostess party gift.

Choose a holiday wreath for your style.

Next, let us move on to this colorful, classy pre-lit holiday wreath. The white, shiny, bright lights, red berry clusters, and colorful ball ornaments including a variety of festive holiday colors make this holiday wreath classic and surprisingly modern all at once.

Next up is a perfectly simple and beautiful green wreath adorned with white lights. Additionally, this standard, classic wreath can be hung inside or outside for many holiday seasons and years to come!

Furthermore, I want to talk to you about putting some festive swag into your colorful holiday wreath decor! Swag door wreaths are an understated way to make a big festive door statement this holiday season. Plus, these swag door wreaths are perfect for small spaces.

Last but not least, this frosted, pre-lit white light holiday wreath with classic pine cones and bright, beautiful berry clusters is the queen of the holiday wreath castle! Moreover, this unforgettable wreath wraps up everything happy about the holidays into one beautiful, bright bow!

What is your colorful holiday wreath style?

Lastly, isn’t that what the holiday season is about? It is about spending special time with those you love. And ultimately for me, spending time with my amazing, sweet, supportive, and fun friends and family over the holidays makes me the happiest and most thankful version of me!

Finally, what colorful holiday wreath decor ideas are your favorite? Do you like big? Or, do you like holiday decor that is on the smaller size and less noticeable? Furthermore, do you prefer bold and bright holiday decor accents? Or do you enjoy a more timeless and classic holiday wreath decor style? Possibly you enjoy a combination of both colorful holiday wreath decor ideas (like me)!

The sky is most definitely the limit when it comes to getting to celebrate and communicating your holiday spirit with colorful, holiday wreaths. Luckily, all of these holiday wreath decor accessories can be purchased from your phone, tablet or laptop computer on Amazon. I want you to know I am here to make your holiday decorating this year creative, colorful, classy, festive and easy!

Make your holiday colorful for you with these ideas.

Holiday wreaths are only one of many simple and quick ways to showcase your holiday spirit style. Colorful table top decor, candles, ornaments, lights and garland are all fun and easy holiday decorating solutions. Check back soon for more Seiler Says blogs with tips, tricks and inspiration for easy, colorful and classic holiday decorating for you!

Most importantly, I encourage you to think out of the box this holiday season. It is such a special time of the year for so many people. And, it is unbelievably fun to get those creative juices flowing when it comes to holiday decor for your family and you. Lastly, it’s an amazing holiday stress reducer!

Be Happy Holiday Gift Guide Smiley Face Emoji

A colorful be happy holiday gift guide smiley face emoji may be the most natural blog post topic ever for Seiler Says because we are talking about color, smiley faces, and happiness. I mean, this is the meaning of life!

Don’t Worry Be Happy Gift Guide.

Seiler Says Amazon Holiday Gift Guide Smiley Face

To start this blog post, I am going to discuss happiness. What does the smiley face emoji mean to you? Dictionary.com says “the smiling face emoji feels all warm and fuzzy inside. This emoji is used to express positive feelings, from happiness to gratitude to affection.” To me, the smiley face emoji exudes happiness, positivity, and good vibes. Whatever the retro smiley face means to you, many of us probably agree it is a fun long-lasting, positive fashion and home trend that is perfect for holiday gift-giving; regardless of your age!

The Smiley Face Be Happy Tee-Shirts.

First, do things that make you happy. This saying says it all because life is too short not to do positive, actionable decisions that make your life happy. This Do Things That Make You Happy tee-shirt from Amazon is a fun way to add color and a smile to others and to you! Amazon also has a variety of other just-as-happy sayings tee-shirt options.

Secondly, let us cut straight to the chase, happiness is ultimately your decision. Furthermore, this graphic tee-shirt portrays this important message in a light-hearted and fun way!

The Smiley Face For Head And Feet Holiday Gift Guide.

Next up for the be happy holiday gift guide smiley face emoji is describing my undying love for these smiley face slippers; as in they are on my feet most of the day every day! Moreover, these fun, comfy, rubber sole slippers keep my feet warm without being too warm. I sized up 1/2 size, and these house shoes are perfect for me. Also, you could go up a full-size, too. Life’s too short not to have happy feet!

smiley face slippers and house shoes

First, who else is a hat and/or ballcap type of person? If you know me personally, you know I wear hats a lot. My husband wears hats much of the time, too. In fact, our mudroom is full of hanging hats. This smiley-faced hat would be the perfect ray of smiling sunshine for our mudroom and, most importantly, my head!

Secondly, it’s getting cold out there! How perfectly happy and fun is this small, smiling face on this beanie stocking cap? Both the hat and beanie come in a variety of happy colors from muted to bold!

Be Happy Fun Holiday Gift Guide Accessories.

Let me share this bracelet stack will hopefully be in my stocking on Christmas morning! Additionally, I wear my colorful surfer, rainbow bracelet stack from the same company constantly. The quality is top-notch.

Next, this smiley face pendant necklace will probably (shh!) be in our daughter’s stocking this holiday season. Elementary-aged, tween, teen, or twenties; this is a fun, fashionable gift for a special girl in your life!

Wall decor that makes you smile every time we walk by? Since our daughter has a beachy theme bedroom design, this bright-hued smiley face banner flag wall hanging is calling her bedroom’s name!

Moving on to my favorite smiley face morning accessories; this coffee mug! This happy, yellow coffee cup will scream “good morning, and have a great day”.

Staying in the kitchen is this heat-resistant, mini spatula set, this non-stick spatula flipper, and this fun pancake pan. Additionally, there are seven different pancake smile emojis. Furthermore, welcome to your children’s new favorite weekend breakfast request!

All of these happy holiday gifts from Amazon can be delivered to your front door (quickly, if you have Amazon Prime!). In conclusion, don’t worry be happy now!

Holiday Gift Guide Homebody

It is the middle of November, and I am feeling the pressure to have this holiday shopping season in full swing! First, Do you feel this way? Second, I will admit I have completed zero holiday shopping. Furthermore, our family still has tons of Halloween decor displayed throughout our house! Admittedly, Halloween does not exactly scream holiday gift-buying and giving. So, my first step should probably be to help move our Halloween decor into our basement storage. However, Seiler Says holiday gift guide ideas for the homebody are up first!

It’s time to start shopping for the holidays, friends.

Holiday Gift Guide Homebody

There is no question, I am not quite ready to flock our Christmas tree with lights and ornaments. However, I am getting excited about starting to holiday shop for my family and friends. First up is colorful holiday gift guide shopping for the type of person who I have become in many ways over the past almost two years; the homebody!

The Coziness Factor Is A Real Thing For Holiday Gift Guide Ideas.

Ever since I spotted my fun-loving, comfort-queen, sweet, and confident teenage neighbor wearing the coziest blanket poncho last winter, I’ve been in love! This oversized, microfiber and sherpa, wearable blanket is the ultimate homebody gift. It is one-size-fits-all, and it comes in a few cozy colors.

Moreover, you do not need to walk far in our home to find a soft, warm, cozy blanket throw. Name a blanket color, and we probably have a colorful throw in that hue. This blanket will result in oohs and ahhs from everyone in the room under a Christmas tree or at any holiday celebration. Most importantly, the recipient will think warm, fuzzy thoughts about your thoughtfulness and generosity each time your loved one cozies up with this faux, fur, throw blanket.

Blue light blocking glasses are my homebody bestie. Why? These lightweight, blue light glasses diminish eye strain when watching Netflix, working on my laptop, or while staring at my iPhone for longer than I should. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and designs. Blue light blocking glasses are the perfect friend gift or stocking stuffer!

Slippers, slippers, slippers! Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha! For the homebody, or really for anyone, easy-to-slip-on slippers or house shoes are a girls’ best friend. Comfort, color, coziness; there are so many important aspects to the perfect slipper. These, my friends, fit the bill!

Lounging sets, that can also double as pajamas, are my 2021 love language. I tend to gravitate toward long-sleeved tops with shorts, but there are many various types, colors, and materials.

Homebody gift ideas from Amazon. Lounge set, slippers and coffee mug.

Keep It Warm Or Cold: The Homebody.

Let us move on to my favorite coffee gadget. Electric milk fothers are a game-changer; especially if you are not a fan of plain coffee. Morning coffee is instantly better with a swirl of this colorful milk frother. In addition, it is powerful, and the batteries last a very long time.

Next, your lucky recipient needs to keep their fancy, frothed milk warm, right? Honestly, it is a bit of a splurge, but this Yeti Rambler coffee tumbler is worth every penny as one of many holiday gift guide ideas for the homebody. Additionally, available in a rainbow of colors, this double-wall tumbler will keep your coffee hot or your iced coffee cold!

Interested in a more cost-effective tumbler? Simple Modern’s classic insulated tumbler with a straw and flip lid is a colorful winner! Have I mentioned the gorgeous color options? Warm or cold; these slim, classy tumblers will be your BFF.

Furthermore, who else has a microwave that gets constant use, throughout the day, warming up coffee? Usher in this Mr. Coffee coffee warmer. Portable and easy-to-clean, this coffee warmer is the type of gift many people want but many do not receive.

Next, perfect for all wine lovers, this double-wall, plastic wine glasses are equally awesome for both inside and outside use. As a result, red, white, or rose are the perfect compliment to these chic, casual, colorful wine glasses.

Usher Away Your Stress With Holiday Gift Guide Ideas For The Homebody.

This gift I received last Christmas is still getting almost-daily use. How often do you hear that? This deep kneading, heated shoulder and back massager can literally be used anywhere and anytime. If you buy one holiday gift for someone (or yourself!) this should be it. I may possibly be getting a massage as I type this!

Lastly, be on the lookout for more Seiler Says holiday gift guides from Amazon to help you holiday shop, for everyone you love, with the click of your mouse. In conclusion, here’s to a fun, colorful, and non-stressful holiday shopping season (we can wish, right?)!