Holiday Gift Guide Homebody

It is the middle of November, and I am feeling the pressure to have this holiday shopping season in full swing! First, Do you feel this way? Second, I will admit I have completed zero holiday shopping. Furthermore, our family still has tons of Halloween decor displayed throughout our house! Admittedly, Halloween does not exactly scream holiday gift-buying and giving. So, my first step should probably be to help move our Halloween decor into our basement storage. However, Seiler Says holiday gift guide ideas for the homebody are up first!

It’s time to start shopping for the holidays, friends.

Holiday Gift Guide Homebody

There is no question, I am not quite ready to flock our Christmas tree with lights and ornaments. However, I am getting excited about starting to holiday shop for my family and friends. First up is colorful holiday gift guide shopping for the type of person who I have become in many ways over the past almost two years; the homebody!

The Coziness Factor Is A Real Thing For Holiday Gift Guide Ideas.

Ever since I spotted my fun-loving, comfort-queen, sweet, and confident teenage neighbor wearing the coziest blanket poncho last winter, I’ve been in love! This oversized, microfiber and sherpa, wearable blanket is the ultimate homebody gift. It is one-size-fits-all, and it comes in a few cozy colors.

Moreover, you do not need to walk far in our home to find a soft, warm, cozy blanket throw. Name a blanket color, and we probably have a colorful throw in that hue. This blanket will result in oohs and ahhs from everyone in the room under a Christmas tree or at any holiday celebration. Most importantly, the recipient will think warm, fuzzy thoughts about your thoughtfulness and generosity each time your loved one cozies up with this faux, fur, throw blanket.

Blue light blocking glasses are my homebody bestie. Why? These lightweight, blue light glasses diminish eye strain when watching Netflix, working on my laptop, or while staring at my iPhone for longer than I should. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and designs. Blue light blocking glasses are the perfect friend gift or stocking stuffer!

Slippers, slippers, slippers! Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha! For the homebody, or really for anyone, easy-to-slip-on slippers or house shoes are a girls’ best friend. Comfort, color, coziness; there are so many important aspects to the perfect slipper. These, my friends, fit the bill!

Lounging sets, that can also double as pajamas, are my 2021 love language. I tend to gravitate toward long-sleeved tops with shorts, but there are many various types, colors, and materials.

Homebody gift ideas from Amazon. Lounge set, slippers and coffee mug.

Keep It Warm Or Cold: The Homebody.

Let us move on to my favorite coffee gadget. Electric milk fothers are a game-changer; especially if you are not a fan of plain coffee. Morning coffee is instantly better with a swirl of this colorful milk frother. In addition, it is powerful, and the batteries last a very long time.

Next, your lucky recipient needs to keep their fancy, frothed milk warm, right? Honestly, it is a bit of a splurge, but this Yeti Rambler coffee tumbler is worth every penny as one of many holiday gift guide ideas for the homebody. Additionally, available in a rainbow of colors, this double-wall tumbler will keep your coffee hot or your iced coffee cold!

Interested in a more cost-effective tumbler? Simple Modern’s classic insulated tumbler with a straw and flip lid is a colorful winner! Have I mentioned the gorgeous color options? Warm or cold; these slim, classy tumblers will be your BFF.

Furthermore, who else has a microwave that gets constant use, throughout the day, warming up coffee? Usher in this Mr. Coffee coffee warmer. Portable and easy-to-clean, this coffee warmer is the type of gift many people want but many do not receive.

Next, perfect for all wine lovers, this double-wall, plastic wine glasses are equally awesome for both inside and outside use. As a result, red, white, or rose are the perfect compliment to these chic, casual, colorful wine glasses.

Usher Away Your Stress With Holiday Gift Guide Ideas For The Homebody.

This gift I received last Christmas is still getting almost-daily use. How often do you hear that? This deep kneading, heated shoulder and back massager can literally be used anywhere and anytime. If you buy one holiday gift for someone (or yourself!) this should be it. I may possibly be getting a massage as I type this!

Lastly, be on the lookout for more Seiler Says holiday gift guides from Amazon to help you holiday shop, for everyone you love, with the click of your mouse. In conclusion, here’s to a fun, colorful, and non-stressful holiday shopping season (we can wish, right?)!

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