Colorful Tennis Dresses from Amazon

This girl has jumped on the colorful tennis dress train, and I am loving them! First, Amazon has so many colorful tennis dresses to choose from in a variety of styles for all body types.

Secondly, you may ask if I play tennis? If hitting the tennis ball in our driveway with our daughter counts as tennis, then yes, I am a tennis professional! Thirdly, I may not be Serena or Venus Williams but I appreciate the comfort, coolness, and ease of these athleisure dresses.

Furthermore, all of these Amazon tennis dresses have separate bike shorts that are super comfortable. Many of these colorful tennis dresses have pockets!

Without further adieu, read below for a variety of colorful tennis dresses from Amazon. I found these tennis dresses, overall, fit true to size. However, if you have a larger chest (like me) you may feel more comfortable sizing up.

White tennis dress

Tennis Dress // Bracelet Stack // Earrings (similar)

Aqua tennis dress and necklace

Tennis Dress // Necklace // Bracelet Stack // Earrings (similar)

Colorful Amazon dress

Tennis Dress // Necklace // Earrings (similar)

Mint green tennis dress

Tennis Dress // Pillow Cloud Slides // Earrings (similar)

What colorful tennis dress do you like best? For my style and body type, the last Amazon tennis dress shown is my clear winner! If you know me personally, you will definitely see me in this colorful dress, regularly, this spring and summer. Finally, are you now on the colorful tennis dress train, too? Last but not least, have a wonderful weekend!

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