Colorful Style For Your Life.

Hello! I’m Beth. I’m glad you’re here! First things first, I love all things color (I mean, what’s not to love?). Moreover, I love colorful style and decor. Why? Color is a fun, unique, easy, and affordable way to add a boost of happiness and excitement to your life!

What is colorful style?

Seiler Says Founder

Colorful style isn’t just a bright dress, a multicolored necklace, or a beautifully hued vase for your home. Colorful style is a way to express yourself in all facets of your life. Color doesn’t have to be bold or expensive to be beautiful. Moreover, you can keep your neutral basics while adding color to your life.

From Target and Amazon to small local boutiques, affordable, colorful style for your clothing, accessories and home decor is everywhere. I have a talent for finding and sourcing the best colorful, affordable style finds for you!

First, my mom’s always had an eye for finding unique, quality, on-trend fashion and home accessories. As a result, after decades of following her around more Des Moines, Iowa shopping malls and stores than one can count, I’ve learned a thing or two from her. Similarly, don’t get me started on my mom’s savvy online shopping skills!

Who is Seiler Says?

I’m a 40+ fun, color-obsessed, girl mom living with my husband and elementary-aged daughter in Kansas City. Born and raised in small-town Winterset, Iowa, our family lives in suburban Leawood, Kansas in a remodeled 1950’s ranch home.

Since graduating from Iowa State University, I’ve always worked in corporate marketing communications. I’m a professional at all things social media content creation and strategy. In addition, I created my first blog on Blogspot way back in 2006 chronicling our lives as newlyweds!

Seiler (pronounced Siler) is my last name and Says conveys my love of curating, connecting, communicating, and sharing. Hence, Seiler Says!

Your fun, personal shopper for inspirational, affordable, colorful style.

Color means something different to everyone. That’s what’s so fun and easy about incorporating a pop of affordable, colorful style into your life.

Above all, it’d be my honor to serve as your inspiration and source for all things colorful, creative and affordable for your home, style, and life.

Lastly, get out of your 100% griege mode, friends! Count on me to show you where to find affordable, colorful style for your home, family, and, most importantly, you!



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