Colorful Candles and Shiny Trees. Oh, my!

Colorful candles and shiny trees. Oh, my! First off, you do not need to go big to make a colorful, glistening impact in your home this holiday season. Next, please know that sometimes small accents make the biggest statements. This advice holds true for all home decor!

Besides decorating your Christmas tree, how do you decorate your home? Are you a traditionalist? Do you like a modern, bright holiday flair? Hint, there is no wrong answer! That is what makes it so personal and unique for every person and family.

Colorful candles that are lit.

To start, I love all-things candles, especially during the holiday, fall, and winter seasons. Additionally, a candle’s beautiful glow and ambiance provide a relaxing and celebratory vibe that can make any space or occasion a happy place to be.

However, there is one major thing I do not love about a candle’s flame. What is it? Well, it is the worry and anxiety I feel that I will forget to blow the candle’s flame out. Legit feeling for sure!

Thankfully, flameless candles have come to the rescue! As a result, what is not to enjoy about flameless, flickering candles? Furthermore, these technology-forward, flameless, bright, comforting candles provide everything people love about traditional candles with the safety of no actual fire! Moreover, many of these flameless candles are battery-operated. Additionally, some flameless candles can be operated via a remote. Therefore, you do not even have to get off your couch to enjoy many of these candles. True candle bliss!

Furthermore, Amazon has a huge variety of realistic, beautiful, flameless candles to choose from. Moreover, you can use these safe, colorful candles for the holidays and beyond! In fact, these candle options are so versatile you will find yourself enjoying many of them year-round.

Candle recommendations for you.

This holiday season, I have rounded up my top flameless candle recommendations from traditional to contemporary below for you.

Amazon Holiday Decor Ideas: Flameless Candles

Happy, Shiny Trees.

In addition to glowing, flameless, battery-operated candles, these decorative tabletop trees of all shapes, colors, and sizes will surely make you happy!

First, there is something super cool, special, and retro about old-school, traditional tabletop holiday tree decor. The best part is these fun, festive holiday decor accent pieces feel old with a fresh, modern twist!

Second, these trees are meant to be mixed and matched together. Additionally, they complement your other holiday home decor. Third, you can group these decorative trees together in a bunch or alone. Or you can pepper these happy trees throughout your other holiday decor. Smaller, holiday-decor trees are perfect fillers for any area of your home! I incorporate bottle brush trees into my regular decor often!

Choose from basic holiday tree decor to battery-operated tree decor. Without further adieu, these are my favorite holiday tabletop tree decor options from Amazon.

Amazon Holiday Decor Ideas: Colorful Trees

Colorful Wreaths. Oh, my!

Wreaths are a natural way to say happy holidays to everyone who drives by your home. Check out my ‘colorful wreath decor ideas for you’ blog post. You’ll get colorful, festive wreath options for both inside and outside of your home. Holiday wreaths are an amazing way to get a little out of your holiday decorating comfort zone. For instance, there are so many unique, fun, and different materials available these days! Finally, my blog post will provide you with a variety of different wreath price points.

Amazon Holiday Decor Ideas: Wreaths

Make your holidays colorful, festive, and easy.

Everything I’ve shared in this blog can be purchased through Amazon Prime. That means all of these fun and festive holiday decor products can be delivered to your front door quickly, easily, and seamlessly!

Tell me what colorful candles and shiny trees speak to you the most when decoring your home for the holidays. Personally, I am a fan of traditional holiday decor with a lot of pops of modern, bright colors!

Finally, can you believe Thanksgiving is this week? Does anyone else feel like many people are firm with when they believe is the best time to decorate their homes for the holidays? Regardless if you are “team decorate before Thanksgiving” or “team decorate after Thanksgiving”, it is officially time to shop!

Admittedly, I am “team decorate after Thanksgiving”. Currently, I am ordering some new holiday decor online from Amazon; including quite a few things linked above. It is exciting for me to layer on some new holiday decor items to complement our existing holiday decorations.

Lastly, happy holiday decor shopping. Do something for you. Colorful candles and shiny trees. Oh, my!

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